Manage Users & Groups

On Amazon Redshift, an administrator can manage database security by controlling which users have access to which database objects.

Access to database objects depends on the privileges that the administrator grants to users or groups.

With DataRow, you can create user groups and user accounts and then grant them privileges for an Amazon Redshift database.

DataRow provides you single-click options to manage users or user groups. Therefore, you don’t need to write SQL commands each time to perform management actions.


In the DataRow Users area, you can manage the passwords, groups, and privileges of users who have access to your Amazon Redshift.

You can quickly create a user or change the password, group, and database privileges of any user.


Groups, is the section where you can list and manage the Amazon Redshift Groups you have created for your Amazon Redshift.

You can quickly create a new group, easily add new users to your group, or list users in your current group.

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