System Tables in DataRow contain information about how the system is functioning. You can view these tables without querying your database.

The following Amazon Redshift system tables views in DataRow can be helpful in troubleshooting data load issues:

  • STL_LOAD_ERRORS to discover the errors that occurred during specific loads.
  • STL_FILE_SCAN to view load times for specific files or to see if a specific file was even read.
  • STL_S3CLIENT_ERROR to find details for errors encountered while transferring data from Amazon S3.


STL_LOAD_ERRORS table displays the record of all of the load errors on Amazon Redshift. List all errors and review their reasons with error descriptions.


STL_FILE_SCAN table returns the files that Amazon Redshift read while loading data via the COPY command. List all files and see the loading times of each in detail.

file scan table in system tables


STL_S3_CLIENT_ERROR records errors encountered by a slice while loading a file from Amazon S3. List each error with their error reasons.

s3 client error on system tables

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