Query Form

Query Form is a supplementary feature to help everyone
create their own queries only by filling in a simple form.

One Query For All

Are you trying to satisfy frequent and similar query demands? We know how time-consuming and troublesome it is to write those massive queries. Using Query Form, you only need to write one single query with substitutable parameters. Then, you can send this to its final users in a simple form format where “they” can fill in their desired parameters and values.

Save Time & Effort

With the help of Query Form, everyone can generate queries via a simple form and get their results only in seconds. All members from various departments such as Marketing, Sales, Finance can reach the data anytime they want and analyze the results in an effortless and time-saving manner.

Next Level Collaboration 

As DataRow, we want all team members to work collaboratively on the data whether they have the technical expertise or not. Often, people working in departments such as Marketing, Sales or Finance, don’t know how to write queries and face difficulty reaching the data they need. We have designed Query Forms, just to solve this problem. 

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