Commonly, Amazon Redshift database users log on to the database by providing a database user name and password.

You can log on to your Amazon Redshift database by providing IAM credentials too and DataRow supports IAM authentication.

To get more information about Amazon Redshift IAM Authentication, see:

Adding a new connection and authenticate with IAM credentials

1 – Click on “Create New Connection” button on “Connections” screen.

2 – Enter a connection name

3 – Add host address, default database name

4 – Select “IAM Credentials” option and enter your IAM Access & Secret Key

5 – You must also specify Amazon Redshift Cluster Name, you can find your cluster name in AWS Redshift Dashboard

6 – Enter the region of your Amazon Redshift Cluster, such as: us-east-1

7- The name of an existing or new database user.