Meaningful Execution Plans

DataRow’s approach to the EXPLAIN command completely changes, speeds up and simplifies the way we work. With automatic syntax application and visual outputs, you can get the most from your data.

The Old Way

explain select eventid, eventname, event.venueid, venuename from event, venue where event.venueid = venue.venueid;
QUERY PLAN ------------------------------------------------------ XN Hash Join DS_DIST_OUTER (cost=2.52..58653620.93 rows=8712 width=43) Hash Cond: ("outer".venueid = "inner".venueid) -> XN Seq Scan on event (cost=0.00..87.98 rows=8798 width=23) -> XN Hash (cost=2.02..2.02 rows=202 width=22) -> XN Seq Scan on venue (cost=0.00..2.02 rows=202 width=22) (5 rows)

The DataRow Way

Auto EXPLAIN Command

Just a button click performs the EXPLAIN Command; DataRow executes the query to perform the EXPLAIN Command and makes it ready for you.


With the visual output of the DataRow’s EXPLAIN Graph, you can interpret your Query Plan at a glance. The graphical output created with the Cost, Rows, and Width metrics will make your work very comfortable.


You can see the Steps of the EXPLAIN Command, and the Query Plan created.

DataRow provides you with a more understandable explanation of each step. You can instantly see the easy description of each step.

Get Started

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