With DataRow’s Visualization Tools, you can instantly generate visual insights from the results of the queries you run, without needing any other application.

After typing and running your query, all you have to do is pressing the Visualize button on the result screen ***. Then, you can select your desired visualization type and start generating your visual insights.

Customizable Visualization

You can customize your Visualization as you wish; change many features such as colours and font sizes.

You don’t need to export your data in Amazon Redshift anymore to separate data visualization or reporting tools. Data scientists can directly create Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards with database charts to show data analytics metrics in DataRow without the need for any other tool or database chart cloud service.


Satellite View

2D Histogram

Save and Export

After you finish your visualization, you can save or export them for later use, in PNG, JPEG or PDF formats.

If you want to access the saved Visualizations later, you can see all of them in the Saved Visualizations menu***.

***To use this feature, your Account Owner should have granted you the Visualization permission.

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